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  Food4fire is dealer for;

  - Weltevree

  - Bad Boys Brand

  - Product Lab 

 Food4fire has developed and is selling the tailor made 

 BRAND4YOU FIREBASKET / BBQ (branding has never been so hot!!)


 We are making this eye catcher with your company's logo to your clients with pleasure (they are made from Corten steel, Steel or Stainless Steel).

 - Steel naturally corrodes, however our superior 3 mm thick steel will give you year's of

   pleasure during it's lifetime.

 - Corten Steel: is really fashionable right now and for the years to come. Manufactured to form a layer

   rust on the outside, thereby protecting your firebasket from the elements. It's special orangey brown

   colour will mature and stabilise in the years to come.

 - Stainless Steel; no rust formation due to chrome and nickel as key elements.

   The flames will give the basket all the beautiful colours of the spectrum, for your eye's only.

   A real "High- End" eye catcher on your terrace!!!

   The flames will contrast against your logo with the same mesmerising allure that our caveman

   ancestors first expercienced when they discovered fire. 


   It's made in the Netherlands by an ISO 9001 certified company and after a long life 100 % recyclable !!!

                            Weight 24 kilo / 55 Lbs.

                            Height 56 cm/21,8 Inch.

                            Thick 3 m.m. / 0.118 Inch

                            Groundplate 46 x46 c.m. / 18 x18 Inch

                            6 parts / no screws or bolts just click together /easy to store away!

                            Your logo will be cut out by laser on 2 sides.

                            Shipment by DHL / UPS / courier

                            The BBQ rack is an option.   



Create a long lasting quality image for use in: your online shop, road/trade shows, make it a part of a fundraising campaign, reward your sponsor/employee/client, marketing campaign or just treat yourself to a crowd puller, that will everybody have talking about .